Eighty Five - The Ride, was born in 2021 following a life changing spinal surgery. I've always been a very active person, so in the aftermath of the surgery, I needed an outlet for my free time. As a way to slowly build strength back up in my back, I made the switch from off-road, to on-road adventures. Although my injury has changed my life and still affects me daily, the overwhelming support I receive daily from family and followers, has driven me to push myself and continue to grow the Eighty Five brand.


What started as some photos and short clips for Instagram, has now developed into a growing brand and YouTube channel!
Motorcycle, Exploration and Adventure -The foundation of the brand!I can never pass up a beautiful view or glowing sunset, so I am absolutely spoilt for material living in Australia.

I really appreciate all the love and support I have received across all platforms and expect to continue to grow and produce more content. 


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